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Five Reasons to Invest in Green Real Estate:

1. Why Invest?

At the end of the day, the difference between the rich and poor is the way they think and act. The poor invest in depreciating liabilities but the rich invest their money in Real Estate and anything less than 15% is disappointing.

2. Why invest in real estate?

74% of the Wealthy 1% in this country invest their money in Real Estate. Making money in real estate a matter of having the proper team to help you to leverage this market. In The Now Investments is that team.

3. Why Detroit?

The current Detroit Real Estate market provides the nation’s best combination of low prices, high appraisals and the ability to generate passive income, due in large part to Section 8 housing. Thanks to initiatives by both the Federal and State Government (billions of dollars) the entire state is poised for economic recovery.

4. Why Use In The Now Investments?

S-Y-S-T-E-M: Save Yourself Time, Energy and Money!

Our proven track record (over 130 homes in the past 20 months) and carefully designed system gives you an investing opportunity that is as hands off as you’d like.

5. Why act now?

All good things come to an end, and the abundance of historically low priced homes in Detroit is no different. We have a short window of opportunity to strike while it's hot. The time to act is now.


The fact is green makes sense financially and environmentally.

Our green properties appraise at least 10% higher than other homes and our investors can make back 30% of fix up costs through rebates. Our properties have a smaller impact on the environment by using products with fewer chemicals and focusing on energy efficiency.

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